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blues in santa maria navarrese

If you are looking for a place where you can listen to some excellent live music in Santa Maria Navarrese, come and discover L'Olivastro Bar. Nestled in between a small but peculiar natural cleft, underneath marvelous century wild olive trees L'Olivastro Bar faces the splendid Santa Maria Navarrese bay, few steps away from the namesake Church and Spanish Tower. A truly unique frame, in one of the most beautiful places of Sardinia. This is one of the parts of the island which still conserves an ancient charm. A place which is not so touristic but still capable of evoking great emotions thanks to the untouched nature and the many villages which still conserve the Sardinia’s tradizione. 

L'Olivastro Bar is the perfect place for lunches and happy hours on the beach, a place where you can taste delicious snacks and dishes accompanied by excellent cocktails prepared with much care. Our kitchen also creates specialties of Sardinia prepared with love and attention through a strict section of ingredients and raw materials.

But it is not all. At night, in fact L’olivastro becomes a true temple of the live music in Santa Maria Navarrese. Merged in the atmosphere of a dream pace, you will be able to sip our cocktails while you will be cuddled by some of the best blues guitars of Sardinia.

Among our guests there are many local bands who will be able to thrill you with their amazing music. Hardly you will find a place which is as suggestive as this where you can listen to some live music in Santa Maria Navarrese. The ancient olive trees, the night sea, everything has a part in creating an absolutely unique experience, which perfectly matches the notes of the bands we carefully select so that they correctly take part in our context. The landscape, the food, the drinks, the music, a match of four elements which together makes really special our bar on the beach Periodically the bar also gives some space to the folk tradition, with the spectacular performances of polyphonic choirs.

Our bar is also equipped with an HD maxi screen on which, sometimes, we stream sport events such as the football matches of the National Team. Then, we are an excellent choice for those who want to follow their matches in a complete relaxing atmosphere.

We are open from 8.00 am to 3.00 am every day. From Monday to Sunday. For bookings or to request any information do not hesitate to contact us:

Phone +39 0782615513 Mobile +39 3356755262 - Email:

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