Happy hour on the beach in

Santa Maria Navarrese


If you are looking for a special place for a happy hour on the beach in Santa Maria Navarrese come and find out L'Olivastro Bar. Nestled in between a small but peculiar natural cleft, underneath marvelous century wild olive trees L'Olivastro Bar faces the splendid Santa Maria Navarrese bay, few steps away from the namesake Church and Spanish Tower. A truly unique frame, in one of the most beautiful places of our island. A magical place with a unique atmosphere, one of the treasures of Sardinia. One of the parts of the island which still conserves an ancient charm. A place which is not so touristic but still capable of evoking great emotions thanks to the untouched nature and the many villages which still conserve the Sardinia’s traditions.

When the night begins to fall, after a whole day spent under the sunlight L’Olivastro become the perfect place for a happy hour on the beach in Santa Maria Navarrese. On the tables of our bars hypnotized by the sweet noise of the waves you will be able to taste in complete relax the cocktails which are skillfully prepared with care and attention by the barman. For the drinks we only use first quality ingredients and spirits. Classic cocktails, original ones and non-alcoholic ones, but all of them are capable to give a glamour touch to your nights. The drinks will be accompanied by tasty snacks, capable of satisfying every taste. Everything you will find to eat during the happy hour will be prepared with extreme care, using fresh and quality products, so that we can offer you always the best possible experience, under all the aspects. Cocktail and food, in fact, for us are two essential elements and both of them must be cared the most possible so that they can make our happy hour on the beach in Santa Maria Navarrese truly special. A moment in which you can relax, eating and drinking in an enchanting atmosphere. The beach, the waves, the ancient olive trees, the beach, the sunset, are all elements which makes our bar special. 

We feel, though, obliged to pay this fortune back by offering to our clients the best possible service, taking care in the smallest details every aspect of our club. Then, you can let yourself be charmed by the special atmosphere embracing these places. Here, sitting on the terrace, facing the sea, with the sunset, the Olivastro music (which are as well extremely well selected) will become the perfect soundtrack for your happy hours accompanied with original and tasty snack. What are you waiting for then? Come and visit us and live this enchant.