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Santa Maria Navarrese

specialties from sardinia

If you are looking for a special place for a lunch on the beach in Santa Maria Navarrese Come and find out L'Olivastro Bar. Nestled in between a small but peculiar natural cleft, underneath marvelous century wild olive trees L'Olivastro Bar faces the splendid Santa Maria Navarrese bay, few steps away from the namesake Church and Spanish Tower. A truly unique frame, in one of the most beautiful places of our island. The bar is open since the first hours of the morning and it is the perfect place to have breakfast in a special context, in which the only noise you can hear is the one of the waves shattering few meters away from your table. In this magical atmosphere you will be able to taste excellent warm brioches, some good coffee and fresh fruit juices. After a morning spent sunbathing and bathing in the marvelous Sardinia sea, there is nothing better than refresh with a lunch on the beach in Santa Maria Navarrese. The kitchen of the bar can count on passionate and excellent cooks, who likes to tease the palate of the clients with simple but not predictable dishes, capable to satisfy every kind of taste. We like to astonish the clients with light but tasty dishes. On our menus you will find delicious and exclusive dishes with “Turedda” (potato bread, typical of Baunei), accompanied and topped up with the various ingredients coming from the local tradition: this specialty is named “Maradham”, an original interpretation of pizza. Other than this specialty, L’Olivastro offers a wide choice of fresh and original mixed salads: them as well are made with local ingredients and they are the perfect dish for those who spend their day at the beach.


The potato bread from Sardinia, also called Modditzosu or Turedda, is a food which has its roots in the towns of the Eastern Coast and the outback of the Ogliastra province. The Turredda was born then as an alternative to the dry breads, such as the Carasau bred, which were easier to keep. This particular kind of bread was traditionally produced once a month, when the oven was lighted for the cooking of other breads. It is a kind of bread particular and its main characteristics, which the name Modditzosu come from, is the one of being extremely soft, with a thin crust and a lot of the soft part of the loaf. In order to be able to realize this potato bread from Sardinia it is necessary to carefully follow the procedure of autolysis of the flour, to use yellow paste potatoes and to correctly do the folding because the paste must be extremely thick and solid. With its characteristics this bread perfectly suits many kinds of toppings.

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